Moving right along

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In other news, things are moving right along for our move! There is even an outside chance that we might be able to leave a bit earlier, if the visas come back in time. Since we are living in hotels and with family for more than a month as things stand now, that would be welcome news. Anyway, here’s what’s happened in the last week.

1) Our official passports have arrived! Earlier than expected! Yay!

2) We were able to apply for our visas for Italy, the last major step. Paperwork for these things took Chris HOURS and the kids and I got to have another fun visit to his work, but at least it is done.

3) The stuff that we aren’t going to be taking to Italy is getting picked up next Monday to be taken to storage, so we’ve been combing through our house trying to decide what is staying and what is going. We now have a nice mountain of stuff in the basement that will go to storage, which includes all our small appliances. No more toast for us.

4) A surveyor looked at our stuff today and determined that it will only take two days to pack our household goods, so now they’ll be doing that right before we move out. I’m glad for some extra time!

5) Everything is done for the sale of our house except the actual closing, which is being scheduled for less than two weeks from now. Sob sob sob. But also, whew.

6) Fiona’s birthday party was great!

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