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Well, we are settled into our hotel! The new owners took possession of our house on Wednesday with no tears from anyone but me. (Though this morning Fiona did ask me if we could “go home” and was a little upset when I told her we couldn’t. I’m sorry, baby girl).
I’m more impressed with our hotel than I expected — two bedrooms, two bathrooms and (best of all, obviously) free beer and wine between 5 and 7 p.m. on weekdays. BOOM.
Complimentary, not complementary.

The kids are pretty impressed and even did reasonably well sharing a bed last night. They had a great time in the pool and obviously pressing elevator buttons a million times a day is the best. The first thing Owen told his preschool teacher this morning was “We live in a hotel now.”


They are also impressed with the amount of Happy Meal toys they’ve gotten in the last week as Mommy and Daddy rushed around getting ready for the move. Seen here with SuperGirl headbands and tattoos.

Best news of all — it does look like we are leaving two weeks earlier than expected (albeit two weeks after when we originally intended to go before the error detailed here)

AHHHHHH! And also, YAY!

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