The car hunt becomes urgent

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Chris’ summary of buying a car here, in our experience: “We’d like to buy a car, please.” “Haha, LOL, good luck.” So, as you may remember we are shipping our minivan to Sicily. It is on a boat somewhere in … Continued

A weekend away — Modica

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The scene: The four of us are driving along, enjoying the scenery as we traveled south and discussing whether the extensive stacked-stone fences we saw might have been built with rubble from old buildings. And then our car got literally … Continued

We got the house!

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Wooohoo! As soon as I posted my last update, we learned that the electric has been switched to our name! We should be good to go now! Only another couple weeks until we can move in! I’m SO RELIEVED. To … Continued

And so the plot thickens

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Our housing saga continues here in Sicily. Today I decided the kids and I should pay a personal visit to the housing office again to ask for an update (and I definitely didn’t tell the kids to look sad and … Continued

Day trip to Catania

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It’s only about 3 p.m. here* at the moment, but I’m already feeling like this was a great day. And like I’m a total badass, because I drove in Catania. So, to back up we finally decided last night that … Continued

And now we freak out …

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So if you want the cliff’s notes version of this story, it is this: First we were all happily signing our lease with our 85-year-old future (I hope) Italian landlord. I left. In my absence, the housing counselor and the … Continued

Just a little catch up!

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Hey all, it’s been a few days. I’d say we’ve been super busy, but honestly we’ve mostly been relaxing. And, ok, a little busy (finishing my first new freelance assignment since I got here, woohoo). Anyway, just a quick recap … Continued