Reunited and it feels so good

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Reunited with our car, that is. It arrived while we were away, and we got custody of it last Friday. Yay!

Unfortunately, of course, it is missing its driver’s side wing mirror. You’d think when they noticed it was messed up in the shipping container, they might have picked up the mirror and chucked it into the car. But it seems not.

Anyway, based on comments I’ve received I’m sure some of you are wondering what driving a massive minivan on Italian streets has been like. To my surprise, it has been totally fine so far. Admittedly I haven’t been out a ton because it has been raining cats and dogs for days and we’ve had movers coming and going, but I’ve driven around town and on the highway and in the Ikea parking lot and so far haven’t had any major issues. Even merging — while somewhat frightening without mirror — is easier than it was with the rental car because a funny thing happens when I step on the gas. It actually accelerates!

I will say I am having one major battle with driving the van, however. And it is getting it in and out of our own damn driveway.


The Sienna just barely fits through the gate, so you need to approach it dead center. Then, the driveway is pretty narrow and made more so by a million planters that line one side, so you have to drive far enough down to be past the planters so there is enough room to get in and out. The van’s sliding doors are actually a huge help with this.

Why do these need to be here?!

So far, I haven’t done any damage to the car but there have been some casualties.

Sorry, my dear landlord.

On the agenda: asking our landlord if she can have someone move those damn planters.

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