Taormina: a delicious recommendation

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Those of you who follow my Babies With Backpacks Facebook page already know that I recommend Bam Bar in Taormina, but here’s some visual evidence as to why.

I feel like we’ve eaten our fair share of granita in the last few months, but Bam Bar is far and away the best. It’s not even close. Today we took the family who we are sponsoring there, and they agreed with our assessment.

Lemon for Owen, coffee for Chris, raspberry for me and and chocolate for Fiona. And brioche for all. 

The raspberry is AMAZING. And so is the cream. Best thing ever. 

Waiting times can allegedly be long, but Chris and I haven’t had to wait more than about 10 minutes. Including today, when we had 11 people (took three tables, ha). I suspect the key is going in the morning rather than afternoon, though I haven’t yet tried the latter.

So pretty much my take-away mesage is, don’t go to Taormina without getting some granita here.

Another recommendation — if you are looking for a quick meal, try StritFud. (Conveniently located near Bam Bar!). They have a ton of different types of Sicilian street food, and it is pretty cheap for Taormina. We ended up with a hot dog wrapped in pastry, two giant pieces of pizza and a slice of a ham and cheese calzone for 10 euro. We got the hot dog for Owen, but my anti-sauce kid ended up eating the calzone after declaring that it having sauce was “ok because it is so good.”

And finally, here are just some cute pictures of my kids.

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