The Giro d’Italia comes to Sicily

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Pausing this France recap for a minute — Wednesday the kids and I watched a (tiny bit) of the Giro d”Italia! If you are unfamiliar, the Giro is a three-week bike race that is one of Europe’s premiere cycling events, … Continued

We’ve been here HOW long?

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During the first hectic couple of weeks here, when everything was either baffling or infuriating or both (I’m looking at you, government bureaucracy), Chris and I said more than once that we kind of wished we could fast-forward six months to … Continued

A day trip to Caltagirone

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We’ve been planning to go to Caltagirone for quite a while, and on Saturday we finally made it! (As you might recall, the last time didn’t exactly work out). Caltagirone is a town about an hour and 20 minutes to … Continued

Hunting for hostels

Since getting to Italy I’ve spent a (probably ridiculous/borderline compulsive) amount of time online researching places to stay for upcoming trips with the kids. I’ve outlined our thought process in determining where to stay before, in this post. This week, however, … Continued

Just a lot of Etna pictures

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Etna has been absolutely gorgeous this last week! Though she took a quick break while my sister was in town (sorry, Torie), she has been erupting pretty much constantly for the last couple of weeks. Friends who live higher up … Continued