Exploring our island: two new beaches

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It’s been scorching hot this summer in Sicily, but we’ve been trying to lean into island living (ok, and beat the heat!) by hitting the beach as often as possible. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve mostly been going to Fontane … Continued

A day trip to Caltagirone

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We’ve been planning to go to Caltagirone for quite a while, and on Saturday we finally made it! (As you might recall, the last time didn’t exactly work out). Caltagirone is a town about an hour and 20 minutes to … Continued

Day trip to Catania

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It’s only about 3 p.m. here* at the moment, but I’m already feeling like this was a great day. And like I’m a total badass, because I drove in Catania. So, to back up we finally decided last night that … Continued