And so the plot thickens

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Our housing saga continues here in Sicily. Today I decided the kids and I should pay a personal visit to the housing office again to ask for an update (and I definitely didn’t tell the kids to look sad and … Continued

And now we freak out …

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So if you want the cliff’s notes version of this story, it is this: First we were all happily signing our lease with our 85-year-old future (I hope) Italian landlord. I left. In my absence, the housing counselor and the … Continued

House Hunters Int’l — Sicily

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Things that we should have done before coming to Sicily: 1) Learn the metric system. Kilometers/meters? Uhhhhhhhh 2) Learn how to order a large diet coke from McDonald’s in Italian. 3) Learn ALL THE ITALIAN. Whoops. So, these first few … Continued