On the day before we leave

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Well, I certainly didn’t imagine I’d go this long without blogging but … things have been insane. And now we leave tomorrow. And tomorrow starts in an hour and a half at the time of me writing this. We’re at … Continued

A quick update

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Well, we are settled into our hotel! The new owners took possession of our house on Wednesday with no tears from anyone but me. (Though this morning Fiona did ask me if we could “go home” and was a little … Continued

Major developments

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It’s been a busy couple days over here! 1. The movers have come and gone already! It took them all of Monday and only a few hours on Tuesday. Considering the original estimate was four days, I guess we have … Continued

Moving right along

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In other news, things are moving right along for our move! There is even an outside chance that we might be able to leave a bit earlier, if the visas come back in time. Since we are living in hotels … Continued

Sigh of relief

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We just heard from Chris’ sponsor that not only are there a couple hotels near base that have two-bedroom set ups, but also that we should be able afford one within our temporary housing allowance. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. It probably sounds like … Continued

What we’ve been up to

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Well, this won’t be a particularly exciting update but things are continuing to move along as September (aka … the last full month we’ll be living in the United States for the next few years! gulp!) approaches. My thoughts are … Continued

Homelessness approaches

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Well, our house sold within a week. The new owners take possession on Sept. 21 — aka, ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. That’s the good news! Or at least, it was. Back when we were leaving on Oct. 1. The deal … Continued

About this blog

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If you are my mother or close friend, you can probably feel free to skip on over this post. As for anyone else who doesn’t already know me — oh, hey there. What’s up? The goals of this blog are … Continued

How I found out

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Beep. “We focus on a sense of community and — ” Beep. “– our offices and that generation seems –” Beep. “– really well –” Beep. I was in the middle of a phone interview, and I was starting to … Continued