We’ve been here HOW long?

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During the first hectic couple of weeks here, when everything was either baffling or infuriating or both (I’m looking at you, government bureaucracy), Chris and I said more than once that we kind of wished we could fast-forward six months to … Continued

A train strike adventure for Chris

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The scene:* Chris and his buddy Mike, sitting in the backseat of a stranger’s vehicle somewhere in Rome. The Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ in the USA” is blaring and the non-English-speaking driver is singing along. A fellow passenger and birthday twin, … Continued

The car hunt becomes urgent

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Chris’ summary of buying a car here, in our experience: “We’d like to buy a car, please.” “Haha, LOL, good luck.” So, as you may remember we are shipping our minivan to Sicily. It is on a boat somewhere in … Continued

We got the house!

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Wooohoo! As soon as I posted my last update, we learned that the electric has been switched to our name! We should be good to go now! Only another couple weeks until we can move in! I’m SO RELIEVED. To … Continued

Our current accommodations

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House hunting continues Tuesday with five more houses to see (yay!), but in the meantime I’ve been meaning to talk about our hotel! Brett, this one is for you. We are staying at a hotel in the town closest to … Continued

Driving in Sicily, now that we are here

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I posted once before about warnings I’d read about driving in Sicily. Turns out, descriptions such as “the seemingly erratic driving nature of Sicilian traffic” were a bit of an understatement. Last night, for example, resulted in us and others … Continued

Days of yore

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Today is our anniversary! Chris and I got married six years ago today (yes, Sept. 11) in Bolingbrook, Ill. I might be biased, but I think our wedding was a blast! I love this photo because it looks like we … Continued

Signs of aging

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Well, today it became clear that I’m definitely getting older (as if the two kids growing like weeds in front of my eyes weren’t a good enough hint). 1) I got glasses. 2) My new credit card arrived and I … Continued

Heartbroken for Italy

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I was going to write today about the reason we are maybe not leaving until Oct. 24. But now, sitting in front of my computer for the first time today and looking at news reports out of central Italy, I … Continued