We got the house!

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Wooohoo! As soon as I posted my last update, we learned that the electric has been switched to our name! We should be good to go now! Only another couple weeks until we can move in! I’m SO RELIEVED. To … Continued

And so the plot thickens

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Our housing saga continues here in Sicily. Today I decided the kids and I should pay a personal visit to the housing office again to ask for an update (and I definitely didn’t tell the kids to look sad and … Continued

Day trip to Catania

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It’s only about 3 p.m. here* at the moment, but I’m already feeling like this was a great day. And like I’m a total badass, because I drove in Catania. So, to back up we finally decided last night that … Continued

And now we freak out …

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So if you want the cliff’s notes version of this story, it is this: First we were all happily signing our lease with our 85-year-old future (I hope) Italian landlord. I left. In my absence, the housing counselor and the … Continued

Just a little catch up!

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Hey all, it’s been a few days. I’d say we’ve been super busy, but honestly we’ve mostly been relaxing. And, ok, a little busy (finishing my first new freelance assignment since I got here, woohoo). Anyway, just a quick recap … Continued

Google Maps is dead to me

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… ok, Chris keeps insisting that I’m being unfair to Google Maps here because it is (probably) not its fault. But my phone’s entire GPS system is dead to me, at any rate. The good things from today: -We had … Continued

Our current accommodations

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House hunting continues Tuesday with five more houses to see (yay!), but in the meantime I’ve been meaning to talk about our hotel! Brett, this one is for you. We are staying at a hotel in the town closest to … Continued

Driving in Sicily, now that we are here

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I posted once before about warnings I’d read about driving in Sicily. Turns out, descriptions such as “the seemingly erratic driving nature of Sicilian traffic” were a bit of an understatement. Last night, for example, resulted in us and others … Continued

House Hunters Int’l — Sicily

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Things that we should have done before coming to Sicily: 1) Learn the metric system. Kilometers/meters? Uhhhhhhhh 2) Learn how to order a large diet coke from McDonald’s in Italian. 3) Learn ALL THE ITALIAN. Whoops. So, these first few … Continued

We’re here!

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Well, we made it! And in one piece, though the airline did lose one of our car seats (luckily we brought three for various boring reasons). Our flights did not end up being too bad, though we had our doubts … Continued

On the day before we leave

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Well, I certainly didn’t imagine I’d go this long without blogging but … things have been insane. And now we leave tomorrow. And tomorrow starts in an hour and a half at the time of me writing this. We’re at … Continued

A quick update

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Well, we are settled into our hotel! The new owners took possession of our house on Wednesday with no tears from anyone but me. (Though this morning Fiona did ask me if we could “go home” and was a little … Continued

Major developments

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It’s been a busy couple days over here! 1. The movers have come and gone already! It took them all of Monday and only a few hours on Tuesday. Considering the original estimate was four days, I guess we have … Continued