Heartbroken for Italy

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I was going to write today about the reason we are maybe not leaving until Oct. 24. But now, sitting in front of my computer for the first time today and looking at news reports out of central Italy, I … Continued

Homelessness approaches

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Well, our house sold within a week. The new owners take possession on Sept. 21 — aka, ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. That’s the good news! Or at least, it was. Back when we were leaving on Oct. 1. The deal … Continued

Driving in Italy

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Words used to describe driving in Sicily, according to the U.S. government: “there may seem to be no logic to traffic patterns” “seemingly erratic driving nature of Sicilian traffic” “Although some drivers may take what seem like unnecessary and dangerous … Continued

About this blog

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If you are my mother or close friend, you can probably feel free to skip on over this post. As for anyone else who doesn’t already know me — oh, hey there. What’s up? The goals of this blog are … Continued

How I found out

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Beep. “We focus on a sense of community and — ” Beep. “– our offices and that generation seems –” Beep. “– really well –” Beep. I was in the middle of a phone interview, and I was starting to … Continued

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